Would you be interested in offering your client’s property and casualty products? We have a unique revenue sharing model that you can add to your product mix that doesn’t require licensing! Contact your brokerage manager to learn more!

You work hard to help clients build up the asset base that will enable them to meet their financial goals. Would it not be a spectacular financial planning failure to see assets built up over years or decades evaporate overnight due to lack of appropriate or sufficient property and casualty insurance protection?

Yet due to certain dynamics in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry, as well as a reluctance by many CFP certificants to stray too far into the P&C realm, the chances are high that many or even most of your clients today lack adequate protection from both common and uncommon hazards, according to P&C experts and financial planners who pay close attention to their clients’ insurance needs. The results can be financially devastating.

We have a broad network of Property and Casualty Agents that can help you and your clients with Property and Casualty insurance Planning.

With many P&C Firms, doing a little bit of everything, you might hesitate on possibly referring your client to potential competition.

Contact your Brokerage Manager to learn more on how to implement P&C Strategies for your High Net Worth Clients through our vetted network of P&C Brokers.