Brookfield Insurance Partners, as a wholesale annuity brokerage, gives Insurance Agents and Financial Professionals access to the only highly rated, quality fixed annuities, income annuities, deferred annuities and indexed annuities. You will find that we have competitive annuity offerings – making it easier for our annuity brokers to sell our products with confidence!

If you are a consumer looking for principal protection, income for life, a legacy for loved ones, and protection for long term care expenses, the an annuity might be ideal for you. Our network of Insurance and Financial Professionals will help you choose a product that will grow your income predictably and safeguard your future.

For our Insurance Agents and Financial Professionals, we make it easy to provide your clients with the right product. We streamline the processing of your annuity application. We offer 24 hour turnaround on proposals, forms and marketing materials.

If you offer your clients annuities, you should be working with Brookfield Insurance Partners! Our mission is to offer annuity brokers the best annuity products available. Contact Us today to find out more!