Do you have any clients with a Low Cost Basis in their Annuities?

If that client required Long Term Care – and you took withdrawals from the Annuity you would pay income tax on the gain before you were able to tap the Principal.

We have an Annuity solution that can exchange that Annuity (or a portion of that annuity via a Partial 1035) for Guaranteed Premium Long Term Care and essentially change the highly taxable annuity into a tax-free bucket for long term care planning.

Do you have any clients currently over the age of 75 that require care some form of care or will need some form of care in the near future?

We have a solution that can reduce the costs they are paying for care services.

Do you have any clients with IRA’s that aren’t needed for retirement income?

We have a solution to transfer the IRA to an LTC bucket of money. (the client pays 1/20th each year a small tax on the distributions from the IRA)