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Brookfield Insurance Partners, was established to provide customized outsourced advanced wealth advisory support to life insurance professionals and financial advisors. We deliver services through a sophisticated network of advanced planning consultants.

We offer insurance agents and financial advisors “one-stop” access to a broad spectrum of wholesale insurance products and services from a large selection of insurance carriers. We are more than the average quote shop. Unlike other insurance brokerage general agencies – we assist advisors in growing and marketing their business.

Brookfield Insurance Partners is committed to the personal attention to your insurance cases need with the resources, support, and technology that the modern financial advisor requires. We help provide sophisticated case design, point-of-sale assistance in the areas of Estate, Business, and Pension Planning.


Why Choose Us


We offer quality products and services across all lines of Medicare Insurance. Plus our team of Medicare Solutions Marketers are ready to offer expert advice on how to position the products in your portfolio so you can offer maximum benefits to your clients. Click Here


Life Insurance is normally not a tax-deductible expense for a businessowner. In some cases it makes sense not to take a tax deduction for your life insurance premiums. However, if you need life insurance, and you don’t have the cash flow for the large premiums, we can show you how to purchase your life insurance by through your companies profit sharing plan. Click Here


Long-term Disability Insurance is designed to protect about 60% of your earned income should an accident or illness prevent you from working. It is an income replacement plan that protects your most valuable asset – your ability to earn a living. In fact, if you think about it, your earning power is the one asset that allows you to have all the others. Click Here


For Live Access 24/7 on the status of your insurance cases Click Here.


Brookfield Insurance Partners also offers Fee-Only Insurance Consulting through our team of Insurance Consultants. To learn more about Consulting Services, Click Here.


Brookfield Insurance Partners also offers Life Settlement Services. To learn more about Life Settlements, Click Here.

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Are you concerned with the rising cost of Healthcare in Retirement? An unexpected healthcare issue could easily wipeout your retirement assets for a healthy spouse. Long Term Care Insurance helps protect your assets for your spouse and your family.

Permanent Forms of Life Insurance can be compared to a bond account. In a rising interest rate environment, bonds and other fixed income may suffer – while products like Whole Life Insurance may provide a non-correlated return and be a much needed fixed income alternative asset.